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The American Status Quo, or What we all know

In America people are taught to be ashamed of being poor. Poverty is a moral failing. We are paraded with images of people who rose from nothing to achieve great things and asked why we haven’t done the same. The poor did not pull themselves out of poverty through their own labor. That means they … Continue reading

Waiting for WE

My Father (Dr. Charles A. Hunter) often spoke of race issues and was a member of the Dallas Police Relations board. I learned a lot from listening to him. On the news, I heard that another black man has been shot and killed by a white policemen. I frowned, and walked on. On social media, … Continue reading


The morning sunrise. How often we ignore the Miracle of dawn.


I stack words like cards with care so they won’t collapse the stories I build.

Dragonfly of the month – banded

One strange thing about my home is that we are in an area that has many dragonflies. In the last two years, I have noticed ones that were banded. Today I saw several dragonflies that look like this:   It makes me want to make a quilt with images of the kinds of insects and … Continue reading

Watch the skies!!!!

Venus is crossing in front of the sun TODAY. If you have access to solar viewing glasses, or if you can make a pinhole or other sun projection device, today is the day to see it. (Well, actually with the size of Venus being so small relative to the sun, a pinhole probably won’t cut … Continue reading