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My hand to my chest unfinished works surround me unstoppable time

Goodbye satyr’s moon

Yellow moonlight calls but the satyr’s dancing stops when the dawn light shines.

The pain comes and goes Lightened by the memory Of my time with you.

Fall Light

The sun in late fall Sends sharp shafts through my window Setting dust aglow.


We think we’re unique, but we are just reflections, of ripples, of other lives. Our births and our deaths, are reflections of the lives of those who went before.   Looking down to see our faces in the water, we see other faces our parent, our grandparents, and their ancestors. When we despair, we forget … Continue reading

Time cuts

Life flies by so fast, cutting my jugular vein like jagged glass shards.


Staying up too late. I try to believe that I can somehow stop time.