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The maudlin undead or whining about change

  I want to watch it! Toll roads on the internet. block what once was free

Ox-drawn cart

From the ox-drawn cart of obligation, I spy my eagle of dreams.

Chain of dreams

Despite the sunrise, my thoughts are still tethered to the chain of my dreams.

The pain comes and goes Lightened by the memory Of my time with you.

Back to work poem written in a minute – Back in the box

Lost beneath the rim of expectation, A woman reshapes herself to fit into the box that society and her employers expect.   Like an animal cell She abhors a cell wall trying to flow out past artificial limitations.. Holidays over her time of flowing are gone unless in secret pseudopodia reaching out, stretching toward a … Continue reading

fleeting memories

Blown across the ground, Remnant of summer gone by, A butterfly wing.

ELEMENTARY VS. SHERLOCK a critical review

There is no question. The detective of choice of the second decade of the twenty-first century is Sherlock Holmes. He has spawned a couple of successful movies as well as two television shows, BBC’s SHERLOCK and CBS’s ELEMENTARY. So what is the fascination of modern artists with this nineteenth-century detective? And what is my opinion … Continue reading


Rain on the rooftop beating away at the edge of my muddy thoughts

Splashing against the keyboard

Falling down like tears, these thoughts that I am writing, I can’t hold them back.

air conditioner

Air conditioner hum fills my mind with static, constant like my fear.