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The sky’s greeting

No longer lonely sharing the Earth’s morning sky The Sun and The Moon


Blinded by the dew. Dazzling iridescent drops lit by the sun.

sun and silver

Sun-lit grass glows green a forest crossed by silver shining spiderwebs.    


  Waking to a world of grey I gasped to see fire surprised by the sun!

Morning sun

The morning sun smiles peeking at the Earth which waits to feel its warm kiss.

Hot Summer

One hundred degrees radiation burns my face warming me to bone.


Startling while sunlight pierces into my bedroom. Cavemen we are still.  


Dark green juniper                      / red-tinged by the setting sun.                      / Hummingbird flies by.

This morning

Orange-red new-risen sun   / shines in my bedroom window   / painting my walls pink  

Watch the skies!!!!

Venus is crossing in front of the sun TODAY. If you have access to solar viewing glasses, or if you can make a pinhole or other sun projection device, today is the day to see it. (Well, actually with the size of Venus being so small relative to the sun, a pinhole probably won’t cut … Continue reading