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Discordant chorus

Discordant chorus, the air conditioner sings with the cicadas.

Magnificent day

Swimming serenely on the surface of your eye clouds and a blue sky.

Hot Summer

One hundred degrees radiation burns my face warming me to bone.


Brilliant cameo    / Moon shining in dark grey sky   / Too bright for my dreams.

blue sky

a horse and rider blown across the sky by the cool morning breezes

Summer Storm

Dark clouds from the East roll in with a gust of wind spitting out raindrops

Fourth of July

Fireworks fly high rising like the gauge in my overheating car


Overpowering the moist summer air full of crepe-myrtle blossoms.


Yellow butterfly cartwheels past the blowing grass before the storm comes

a flash of yellow

Brown sunflower heart          / outlined by darkening sky      / one petal remains