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The Holmsies Awards

One of the interesting things about fanfiction is that lots of people write it: men, women, young and old. Fanfiction is plentiful and of inconsistent quality. Because many pieces of fanfiction are poorly written, some people believe that this is true of all fanfiction and won’t read any of it, which is a shame, because … Continue reading

Why Fanfiction rules the internet

Fanfiction is a collection of stories based on the characters and settings from existing commercial works. The reason that I use the word commercial is because we don’t usually call it fan fiction if you write a story about Lady Macbeth even if Shakespeare wrote it first. The separation of stories into fiction and fanfiction … Continue reading

Lunatics and telling more than one story

http://kck.st/1bPRPwb A friend pointed me to this TED talk today. In it the author is talking about how it is important to write more than one story about a people or people will have stereotypes about them because they know so little about their culture. Well the same is true about the future of humans … Continue reading

How to name a Sith Lord

Darth Vader is the iconic Sith Lord. It is pretty obvious that his name comes from the prefix DARTH which is a common Sith title and VADER which is a short form of INVADER, which he is. Therefore the best way to name a Sith Lord is to find a word starting with “in” and … Continue reading

Fan Fiction

Stories are removed Susurrations spread across a forest of fans.

Revising and George Bernard Shaw

Now I like plays, but the plays that I love the best are the ones that you can read. These are plays that have directions noted in them. Sometimes they have introductions or post-scripts. I like “Our Town” and some plays by Chekhov (although I read them in translation) but my favorite play to read … Continue reading

Refuse me

Refuse me. Words that I saw printed on a bag. Why does the bag feel the need to tell me its inadequacies? Who makes a bag with low self esteem? When I think of the words “refuse me”, it conjures feelings of sacrifice. “Honey, I’m no good for you. Refuse me.” Feelings of self-pity… “Go … Continue reading