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Glorious Sky

A Glorious Sky! Orange-shouldered Orion throws the Boomerang moon.

Falling into cloud Orion leaps but fails to touch the crescent moon


The shocking white stars make me forget gravity pins me to the Earth.


Piercing white the moon Surrounded by sparse diamonds dominates the sky

Too late

Blue-rimmed horizon Scattering of moon-touched stars too late for the sun.

Night cloud

Masking Orion Droplets in a moon-lit cloud echo stars beneath.

In the cool of the morning I see Orion, the moon, and a planet in the sky and I know in my heart that they are my family. What a gift to be accepted by the Universe. All the stars our Brothers and Sisters and our job is to know them and to think of … Continue reading

Goodbye stars

Rainbow horizon Banishing the stars of night Half moon welcomes dawn  

A Kite made of planets!

Cresent-edged new moon forms a trapezoid with lights in the morning sky


The crescent moon sprays / glowing embers that glimmer / in a velvet sky