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Spring Dance

To the song of birds an orange ladybug dances along my forearm


Lightning strikes after spring rain, mixing pleasure with the pain. Clouds let in a shaft of light. Morning sun piercing through night. Rise to meet another day. Meals to eat and bills to pay. Order interspersed with strife. bittersweet the trails of life.

Spring Rain

Air as sweet as cream. Large, round raindrops fall onto bright-new green grass stalks.

Apple seed

Small red apple seed pushed beneath the soft spring earth A new beginning


A tiny dewdrop on the tip of a grass blade is a universe.


Like a lion’s mane Yellow petals wrapped around a  dark gold-rimmed eye.

blue morning

Birdsong sounds pale blue embracing the setting moon with tendrils of sound

Wet Spring Rain

Pounding on my chest The South wind beats against me all wet with Spring rain


Like an E.K.G. Lightning flashes through the cloud Heartbeat of the storm.

Camp Nanowrimo and me

I just recently found out about Camp Nanowrimo. This is a project sponsored by the same people who sponsor the National Novel Writing Month. In this internet based camp, you sign up and resolve to write a novel in a month. The next sprint starts on April 1 and I will be in it. Who’s … Continue reading