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Night’s medley

Grey sky at night Moon round and bright Gives out it’s light Steadily Stars hid away Soon to be day Birds sing their fey Medley Conditioners hum Crickets add some To the night’s rum Symphony Sky fades to blue Venus plays too Sharp like a new Timpani

Discordant chorus

Discordant chorus, the air conditioner sings with the cicadas.

Listen to my work!

Maybe you’re more of a podcasting kind of person. This is an audio recording of a very small part of the Lunatics “Earth” Script. An artist comes to the colony to film an eclipse. This is an interview with the over the top personality filmed before he arrives. If you like it, help me pay … Continue reading

Your voice

The molten caress of your vowels roll over my thoughts until there is no understanding. No world outside the sound of your voice.