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Dreams Denied. BBC Sherlock and the lost Gay representation

I am a longtime fan of the BBC show Sherlock, and I’d like to tell you a story of a dream denied, an opportunity lost, and a generation abandoned. I know this sounds overly dramatic, but for many people, this is the way that it was. So please bear with me patiently, because as any … Continue reading

The Holmsies Awards

One of the interesting things about fanfiction is that lots of people write it: men, women, young and old. Fanfiction is plentiful and of inconsistent quality. Because many pieces of fanfiction are poorly written, some people believe that this is true of all fanfiction and won’t read any of it, which is a shame, because … Continue reading

Fanfiction Podcast – Midnight Fic Obsession

I’ve added a link to my playlist for Midnight fic obsession because it is too hard to find it, and this site does not allow embedding the podcast. Each episode ends with a story. Heavy on Sherlock fandom . Warning: Mature. Enjoy. Midnight Fic Obsession

Data and the Sherlock Fandom

So this morning I listened to a podcast made by diehard fans of the TV series Sherlock (BBC) (Three Patch Problem) and they mentioned a person who did a study of the subjects of fanfiction stories on the site Archive of Our Own. I had always been curious about the topic and had briefly considered … Continue reading

ELEMENTARY VS. SHERLOCK a critical review

There is no question. The detective of choice of the second decade of the twenty-first century is Sherlock Holmes. He has spawned a couple of successful movies as well as two television shows, BBC’s SHERLOCK and CBS’s ELEMENTARY. So what is the fascination of modern artists with this nineteenth-century detective? And what is my opinion … Continue reading

The great game – A diversion for hardcore Sherlock fans

Today, I was watching a Sherlock fan video and I looked at an image and said, “where the heck did that shot come from?” Having watched the shows so often, I usually remember which episode a shot comes from, but sometimes I get confused and it takes me a while to figure it out. Then … Continue reading

Sherlock BBC Haiku

SHERLOCK: Not as smart as I. But that’s hardly surprising. My friend John Watson. JOHN: A fantastic man. But brilliant as he is he’s an amazing ass. SHERLOCK: Loyal and steadfast, his friendship is the one thing, I can’t bear to lose. JOHN: He is my best friend. He gives meaning to my life. No … Continue reading