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The maudlin undead or whining about change

  I want to watch it! Toll roads on the internet. block what once was free

Thwarted desires

Coming home alone. A discarded pearl necklace twisting as it falls.


Pictures on the wall of my young children smiling. Now they’ve grown so tall.

fleeting memories

Blown across the ground, Remnant of summer gone by, A butterfly wing.


Life tastes bittersweet, Like a sunflower that’s been touched by the fall frost.

So glad to see you again

A simple handshake Cannot convey my regret for each smile I’ve missed.  

Fan Fiction

Stories are removed Susurrations spread across a forest of fans.

Nah! I don’t regret it

A half-dozen poems, written so close together. Why should I regret?  

Poems that I will regret posting # 2 – Anger

The smell of anger, is strong, and foul, and sour, a damaged sewer

Poems that I will regret posting #1 – Judgement

With eyes like daggers, You stare across the hallway, finding me wanting.