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Lightning strikes after spring rain, mixing pleasure with the pain. Clouds let in a shaft of light. Morning sun piercing through night. Rise to meet another day. Meals to eat and bills to pay. Order interspersed with strife. bittersweet the trails of life.

Spring Rain

Air as sweet as cream. Large, round raindrops fall onto bright-new green grass stalks.


A tiny dewdrop on the tip of a grass blade is a universe.


The day hangs heavy. Droplets in the muggy air weighing down my thoughts.

Wet Spring Rain

Pounding on my chest The South wind beats against me all wet with Spring rain


Layered curtains made of clear glass beads hide the city lights.    


Rain on the rooftop beating away at the edge of my muddy thoughts

Revising a poem with Chris

Southern winds blow in rain threatens the grassy fields we quickly compose

Hail storm

Lightning blazes through green clouds anticipating a rain of hailstones.