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Fanfiction Podcast – Midnight Fic Obsession

I’ve added a link to my playlist for Midnight fic obsession because it is too hard to find it, and this site does not allow embedding the podcast. Each episode ends with a story. Heavy on Sherlock fandom . Warning: Mature. Enjoy. Midnight Fic Obsession

The Potion audiofic

Fanfiction is an indulgent hobby of mine. I like to read stories that people have written about characters in Harry Potter, Sherlock, Merlin and other fiction works. A couple of my own works are posted on this site. One of them, THE POTION, a Harry Potter fan story, has been made into an audiofic. Audiofics, … Continue reading

Listen to my work!

Maybe you’re more of a podcasting kind of person. This is an audio recording of a very small part of the Lunatics “Earth” Script. An artist comes to the colony to film an eclipse. This is an interview with the over the top personality filmed before he arrives. If you like it, help me pay … Continue reading