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Night cloud

Masking Orion Droplets in a moon-lit cloud echo stars beneath.

13th moon

This year there are 13 full moons instead of 12. An extra moon has no expectations. It is a time of magic and wishes. A time full of possibilities. A time when hidden things are revealed, and dreams can come true. Make a wish. Live a dream, under the 13th moon. All seems possible when … Continue reading

The Orionids

Falling star flies by like a spear it impales the heart of Orion

star shaft

I wish the morning star could shoot a shaft As sharp as it is bright and pierce me through. I bet that that would take away the pain and cauterize my soul ’til it felt new.   And then the world round me would start to clear And looking up I’d enter into light, But … Continue reading

Yellow Venus

Hazy morning star Burning yellow in the sky behind clouds of ice

When Poems go Horribly Wrong # 3 – Equinox moon

As it sets on the equinox, The half-moon glows orange, like one of those dorito taco things, only upside down.


The thin sharp crescent Cuts the night into day The moon is a blade.

In the cool of the morning I see Orion, the moon, and a planet in the sky and I know in my heart that they are my family. What a gift to be accepted by the Universe. All the stars our Brothers and Sisters and our job is to know them and to think of … Continue reading

in darkness

The world in darkness I was hoping for moonlight It has yet to rise.

Goodbye stars

Rainbow horizon Banishing the stars of night Half moon welcomes dawn