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Lady Sky

She walks across the world In a dress of silver-blue Her train, you’ll find will drag behind One thousand miles, and two.

Christmas lights

Brilliant Winter Stars In the sky on Christmas Night Outshine the lights

Glorious Sky

A Glorious Sky! Orange-shouldered Orion throws the Boomerang moon.

Night’s medley

Grey sky at night Moon round and bright Gives out it’s light Steadily Stars hid away Soon to be day Birds sing their fey Medley Conditioners hum Crickets add some To the night’s rum Symphony Sky fades to blue Venus plays too Sharp like a new Timpani

Evil Eye

Clouds in moonlit sky. trails of white form an oval, Black-backed evil eye.

It’s not a ball!

This morning I saw Orion chasing the moon and it made me laugh!

Thwarted desires

Coming home alone. A discarded pearl necklace twisting as it falls.


Like an E.K.G. Lightning flashes through the cloud Heartbeat of the storm.


The shocking white stars make me forget gravity pins me to the Earth.

Too late

Blue-rimmed horizon Scattering of moon-touched stars too late for the sun.