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Fanfiction – A pattern to nurture the creative soul

I often read arguments against fanfiction that basically boil down to, “Why are you wasting your talent writing poor copies of someone else’s genius when you could be filling the world with masterpieces of your own?”

Well, the truth is, masterpieces take time. They take skill. A writer isn’t born. She is made. Continue reading

The Holmsies Awards

One of the interesting things about fanfiction is that lots of people write it: men, women, young and old. Fanfiction is plentiful and of inconsistent quality. Because many pieces of fanfiction are poorly written, some people believe that this is true of all fanfiction and won’t read any of it, which is a shame, because … Continue reading

Spring Rain

Air as sweet as cream. Large, round raindrops fall onto bright-new green grass stalks.

Collaborative Art – The Phenomenon of Call and Response Videos

by Rosalyn Hunter This week I watched the Youtube music awards . A chaotic and somewhat uneven affair with alternating moments of exhilaration and lameness. But watching the show brought to mind how much more collaborative the world is now than it was in the past. In the audience of the show, dozens of people … Continue reading

Ode to a poetry hater

Thanks to blue sky infinite for forwarding the following prompt from Napowrimo (another project that I knew nothing about). I’m just doing this for the fun of it, because I’m less afraid of poems. And now, our prompt! Continuing with the theme of firsts, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that has … Continue reading

The End

The end brings silence. Clearing the stage so that we can begin anew..


We think we’re unique, but we are just reflections, of ripples, of other lives. Our births and our deaths, are reflections of the lives of those who went before.   Looking down to see our faces in the water, we see other faces our parent, our grandparents, and their ancestors. When we despair, we forget … Continue reading

No Children in Space (The story)

No Children in Space (The story). I’m starting my novelization of the screenplay, “No children in space.” Please give it a read. I enjoy comments. You can put them here. Criticism is also appreciated. Rosalyn Hunter   😀 I’m writing. Yeah!

Refuse me

Refuse me. Words that I saw printed on a bag. Why does the bag feel the need to tell me its inadequacies? Who makes a bag with low self esteem? When I think of the words “refuse me”, it conjures feelings of sacrifice. “Honey, I’m no good for you. Refuse me.” Feelings of self-pity… “Go … Continue reading

A quickie

I want a haiku / I don’t have time to write one / guess I’m out of luck!