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Spring Dance

To the song of birds an orange ladybug dances along my forearm

Poison Ivy

One morning, as I stood on my porch, I noticed some plants growing under the tree nearest the house. I walked closer and looked down to see a vine with reddish leaves in groups of three. “Oh no, I have Poison Ivy growing right in front of the house!” I cried. When I was a … Continue reading

Spring Rain

Air as sweet as cream. Large, round raindrops fall onto bright-new green grass stalks.

Evil Eye

Clouds in moonlit sky. trails of white form an oval, Black-backed evil eye.

Apple seed

Small red apple seed pushed beneath the soft spring earth A new beginning

A thousand trumpets

A host of angels white cirrus clouds trumpeting autumn’s arrival

It’s not a ball!

This morning I saw Orion chasing the moon and it made me laugh!


The eyebrows of God Orange-tinted cirrus clouds Questioning the dawn


The morning blushes a hint of rose expanding on the horizon

orange dawn

Like a slash of paint glowing on my bathroom wall the orange light of dawn