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John Watson as Sherlock Holmes’ substitute mother in the TV show SHERLOCK

I’d like to set forth a theory that at first seems a bit strange, but seems to me to be the best explanation of the facts. I think that emotionally Sherlock thinks of John Watson as not only a friend, but also a mother. A mother? You say. John Watson doesn’t look at all like … Continue reading

Sherlock’s psychology – John, Mycroft, and Aspergers

Character Study: SHERLOCK HOLMES As portrayed in the BBC series SHERLOCK. Sherlock Holmes is introduced to us as a person of strong personal motivation. He lives a unique and solitary life. He has a bubble around himself, and he interacts on the surface with a few key people. He is, overall, relatively comfortable in his … Continue reading

Fandom is strange – Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, etc.

So I like Sherlock BBC. I think that I’ve mentioned this before. And while searching through images of the show, I find the images of the actors. Now I know that actors bring roles to life, but I’m usually more a fan of the actor in the role rather than out of it, so I … Continue reading