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Ready Player One review – A bitter aftertaste

Before going to the movie, I was not that interested in it. After all, I lived through the eighties, and I wasn’t that nostalgic for the time. I thought much of the music then was lame, and the insistence on money and appearing successful was not something that I found very appealing. I supposed that … Continue reading

Why I didn’t like Tomorrowland by an Optimistic Futurist

Today I watched the movie, Tomorrowland. It showed me a vision of the future with jet packs and gleaming white cities floating in the clouds. But despite the beauty and the vision, I was left with an undercurrent of dread and lingering fear. Why? What could I possibly object to? Is this not the future … Continue reading

The Hobbit

I liked the songs. I liked the riddle game. The Hobbit hole. The story of Thorin’s fame.   I thought fight scenes. Were certainly overdone. For smiths and toymakers, battles should be hard won.   The trolls were good, and Rivendell did look sweet, and Radagast was fun, his rabbits were neat.   But it … Continue reading

Art books are out – Four days left on our kickstart

Art books are out – Four days left on our kickstart. I have four days to raise money to hire the voice cast. If you can help, and if you want the book. Pledge something. Please Ros Good wishes to the family of Neil Armstrong.

Haiku Review – The Amazing Spiderman

Spinning through the air. A mystery and a death. Known, it made me smile.

I just saw Prometheus

The movie was good, but only for someone who, discounts the science.

100th Post – Lunatics reading scripts – Do you know any voice actors?

This is my 100th post on WordPress. I thought that I would take this time to celebrate finishing the reading scripts for my Lunatics project. My husband Terry and I have decided to start a project to produce an animated web series called Lunatics about the first colonists on the moon. I will write it, … Continue reading