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Lunatics and telling more than one story

http://kck.st/1bPRPwb A friend pointed me to this TED talk today. In it the author is talking about how it is important to write more than one story about a people or people will have stereotypes about them because they know so little about their culture. Well the same is true about the future of humans … Continue reading

Lunatics Teaser Trailer – Please reblog

Lunatics Teaser Trailer – Please reblog. The Lunatics series that I am writing with my husband will soon be ready for a kickstarter fundraiser campaign. Here is our teaser trailer which gives a glimpse of the Hard Science Fiction / Family angle that we are going for. You can support this project by reposting the … Continue reading

I just saw Prometheus

The movie was good, but only for someone who, discounts the science.


Just saw avengers. It was good. Now Joss Whedon is on the list of authors to try to live up to.   Really, I lie. I always knew he was. I’m a buffy fan. And the Swarma scene. Ha!   Anyway. The list so far. Moffat Gatiss Whedon Douglas Adams etc…

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action – Oh My God Its real!

I used to be a fanatical fan of Rurouni Kenshin. I have mellowed now. I do have my biannual Samurai X viewing but it’s nothing like it was in the day. I have all of the manga in Japanese, and I went to anime expo to see Watsuki Nobuhiro when he came to the US … Continue reading