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My Mother was Facebook

When my mother died, it was like a sudden internet outage. Like being caught in a tunnel. Suddenly there were no updates on the saga of my first cousin’s new job, no updates on my brother’s travel itinerary. It was as if the service was gone and the towers had been knocked down. Continue reading

Kickstarter Fundraising Strategy Revised

Kickstarter Fundraising Strategy Revised. Hi all! You’ve heard me talk about our Lunatics project. Well the Hail Mary pass did not work. We didn’t get enough people willing to pay for the whole thing up front, so we are paying in pieces. Support this, and this Christmas (or thereabouts) enjoy a beautifully 2D animated cute … Continue reading

What every mother of young children knows.

Pain and agony, are not a valid excuse, when kids want dinner.

Yes this really happened

I’ll be a mother, on Mother’s day fixing the pipe my daughter broke.     Yes, last night my daughter “accidentally” broke the spigot off of the water pipe. Today we’ll skip all happy mother’s day plans and fix our plumbing. Perhaps this is the true meaning of mother’s day. 😉

John Watson as Sherlock Holmes’ substitute mother in the TV show SHERLOCK

I’d like to set forth a theory that at first seems a bit strange, but seems to me to be the best explanation of the facts. I think that emotionally Sherlock thinks of John Watson as not only a friend, but also a mother. A mother? You say. John Watson doesn’t look at all like … Continue reading