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Chain of dreams

Despite the sunrise, my thoughts are still tethered to the chain of my dreams.

Perchance to dream

Not wanting to stop, I stay up late to finish. Much better to sleep.

egg yellow

Crisp, the morning light egg yellow in a blue sky My breath forms the steam.

Morning mist

A misty morning, Cool droplets caress my skin like a mother’s touch.

Red bird

Red bird flies beneath yellow-orange ribbon of cloud in blue morning sky.


Blinded by the dew. Dazzling iridescent drops lit by the sun.

School kids on Halloween

Waiting in the dark horizon and bus are both jack-o-lantern orange


  Waking to a world of grey I gasped to see fire surprised by the sun!

Just before dawn

Red line on the edge of the world, punctuated by the morning star.

Yellow Venus

Hazy morning star Burning yellow in the sky behind clouds of ice