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Falling into cloud Orion leaps but fails to touch the crescent moon

Looking Beyond

When you look beyond The chasms that lie ahead You see the full moon

Night’s medley

Grey sky at night Moon round and bright Gives out it’s light Steadily Stars hid away Soon to be day Birds sing their fey Medley Conditioners hum Crickets add some To the night’s rum Symphony Sky fades to blue Venus plays too Sharp like a new Timpani

It’s not a ball!

This morning I saw Orion chasing the moon and it made me laugh!

The sky’s greeting

No longer lonely sharing the Earth’s morning sky The Sun and The Moon


Piercing white the moon Surrounded by sparse diamonds dominates the sky

Goodbye satyr’s moon

Yellow moonlight calls but the satyr’s dancing stops when the dawn light shines.

Melancholy Moon

Melancholy moon The wind blows clouds across you Hiding your beauty.

Lunatics Animatic

Lunatics Animatic. The thing that I’ll remember 2012 most for is that it is the year that I took my writing seriously and tried to publish for the first time. What we made is the web series LUNATICS whose pilot episode NO CHILDREN IN SPACE was to be animated with money that we raised in … Continue reading

13th moon

This year there are 13 full moons instead of 12. An extra moon has no expectations. It is a time of magic and wishes. A time full of possibilities. A time when hidden things are revealed, and dreams can come true. Make a wish. Live a dream, under the 13th moon. All seems possible when … Continue reading