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My Mother was Facebook

When my mother died, it was like a sudden internet outage. Like being caught in a tunnel. Suddenly there were no updates on the saga of my first cousin’s new job, no updates on my brother’s travel itinerary. It was as if the service was gone and the towers had been knocked down. Continue reading

Old is new again

I got my year end summary and realized that I only posted 25 times last year. That is just sad. Will try to do better this year. While doing holiday cleaning, I found a poem on the floor. It’s old. I can tell by the yellow paper, but what I can’t tell is if it … Continue reading

First anniversary on WordPress

Word press reminds me that I’ve now been online for an entire year! With almost 300 posts, 2 blogs, 50 pages, and 181 followers, it’s been a pretty good start. In celebration, I’m posting links to some of my first poems that I wrote on this site. Lady of the Lake. Imagery inspired by the … Continue reading


The white spring flowers awaken my memories of dancing through life.

Favorite shirt

Parallel threads peek through the hole in my torn cuff. Revealing the past

The partial solar eclipse that I saw as a child

One hundred crescents, projected on the sidewalk, by the swaying trees.

Memories from my favorite readings Haiku series #4 – Metamorphosis by Kafka

Crawling up the wall, I find that I’m becoming, an ugly cockroach.

Memories from my favorite readings Haiku series #1 – Collette

Woman in cafe. The edge of a cigarette, stained with red lipstick.