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Night’s medley

Grey sky at night Moon round and bright Gives out it’s light Steadily Stars hid away Soon to be day Birds sing their fey Medley Conditioners hum Crickets add some To the night’s rum Symphony Sky fades to blue Venus plays too Sharp like a new Timpani


Lightning strikes after spring rain, mixing pleasure with the pain. Clouds let in a shaft of light. Morning sun piercing through night. Rise to meet another day. Meals to eat and bills to pay. Order interspersed with strife. bittersweet the trails of life.

Magnificent day

Swimming serenely on the surface of your eye clouds and a blue sky.

When half asleep I saw…

Cloud in the night sky. The Chinese character [shēn] written as in smoke.


Blinded by the dew. Dazzling iridescent drops lit by the sun.


Layered curtains made of clear glass beads hide the city lights.    

Fall Light

The sun in late fall Sends sharp shafts through my window Setting dust aglow.

star shaft

I wish the morning star could shoot a shaft As sharp as it is bright and pierce me through. I bet that that would take away the pain and cauterize my soul ’til it felt new.   And then the world round me would start to clear And looking up I’d enter into light, But … Continue reading


In love with moonlight I rush into the darkness drinking in beauty.

A Kite made of planets!

Cresent-edged new moon forms a trapezoid with lights in the morning sky