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Sherlock Holmes and sex

Sherlock Holmes is interesting in many ways: his intellect, his observation skills, etc. However, one thing that is rarely talked about, but is an integral part of the character, is his asexuality. Sherlock is celibate. In the BBC version he is an acknowledged virgin. This is atypical of characters of his age in fiction. In … Continue reading

Sherlock’s psychology – John, Mycroft, and Aspergers

Character Study: SHERLOCK HOLMES As portrayed in the BBC series SHERLOCK. Sherlock Holmes is introduced to us as a person of strong personal motivation. He lives a unique and solitary life. He has a bubble around himself, and he interacts on the surface with a few key people. He is, overall, relatively comfortable in his … Continue reading

Sherlock’s return – The empty house

The second season of BBC’s Sherlock ended with the Reichenbach Fall. The episode where Moriarty and Sherlock die. Or so it appears. In the original, Sherlock returns in the episode “The empty House”. But it took the BBC 18 months to go from Series 1 to Series 2 of Sherlock. And the third season of … Continue reading