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Curiosity Lands Safely!

If you are not a space geek, you may not know about the curiosity Mars Rover. Now Mars is not an easy place to land. It has wind and weather that can blow things down. It has thinner atmosphere, so that parachutes don’t work as well. It’s a long way away so that everything you … Continue reading


Brilliant cameo    / Moon shining in dark grey sky   / Too bright for my dreams.

I’ve got hope! Lunatic web series pilot kickstart begins

WOW, what a day, and night. I just launched my largest kickstarter campaign yet! You see, the economy is weird, and people say that their isn’t a way to get a fair break in this world, and that writers will never be paid for their work. I want to prove them wrong. I had an … Continue reading

My New Word Press Blog – Lunatics

Hi all! I have posted numerous times about the webseries that I am making called Lunatics. I have since made an official blog for the series at http://lunaticstv.wordpress.com/ . Please take a look at it. I need the hit counts and you might like it. This will allow me to use this blog for more … Continue reading

100th Post – Lunatics reading scripts – Do you know any voice actors?

This is my 100th post on WordPress. I thought that I would take this time to celebrate finishing the reading scripts for my Lunatics project. My husband Terry and I have decided to start a project to produce an animated web series called Lunatics about the first colonists on the moon. I will write it, … Continue reading

Why I want to hate Elementary on CBS

I am a SHERLOCK fan. If you haven’t noticed then you are not very observant. And the fact that I have started my post with an insult is evidence that I have been watching way too much Sherlock Holmes this year. Sherlock, if you don’t know, is a television show on BBC in the UK. … Continue reading


The overcast sky, makes me fear the sun is gone. Look! There is a star!

Fame step by step – Yes! a mention in Ars Technica

Previously I talked about people and fame. According to some, everybody gets their fifteen minutes of fame. My husband’s kickstarter proposal LIB-RAY got a mention in the magazine Ars Technica. We hope that this means we will get our project funded. Getting our project funded means we eat to the end of the year. That … Continue reading

Hope springs eternal – Lunatics may have young viewers

Today some students asked me about space, and they seemed genuinely interested. I talked about it with them and it made me think that they might watch the kind of story that I plan to write. My story, Lunatics, is about a space colony. The first human space colony on the moon. It is started … Continue reading

Is this the hero’s journey or simply a heroine trip?

I suppose that this story began when I was 16 years old. I had just written the first draft of a novel called Nera and when I read it again I saw cliche’. I saw Naivety. I saw that it wasn’t as good as the works of fiction that I had read and that’s when … Continue reading