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The internet calls and I can’t resist its pull cause here I meet you.

What I saw when I peeked out of the door

Red rimmed rainbow edges the sky still black with stars.   (Happy Valentine’s Day!)

Birthday Cake

Under icing white A chocolate cake is waiting Blow out the candles!

So glad to see you again

A simple handshake Cannot convey my regret for each smile I’ve missed.  

Let’s have lunch

Flash of sunlight on your silver spoon showing off your playful smile.

100 Followers! – Thank You

Reading your kind words       / makes joy bubble up popping    / into a broad smile   I just got 100 followers! An amazing feat considering that I just joined in April. Thank you all. 😀 I really appreciate the amazing support I get here. It really makes my day to read your blogs and hear … Continue reading