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Lady Sky

She walks across the world In a dress of silver-blue Her train, you’ll find will drag behind One thousand miles, and two.


my heart is floating. I don’t know why I’m smiling. I just feel happy.

Spring clover

Here I am again, in a land full of beauty with an empty purse.

Feeding time

Though it pinches her She still smiles feeding nectar to the red parrot

Making my own fun – Lunatics Voices Cast

Last year my husband and I decided to stop waiting and start doing, and the story about a few wacky Space enthusiasts that I had been tossing around since 2005 became our animated kickstarter-funded project LUNATICS. So I’d like to announce a major milestone. We have cast actors to do the voices to illustrate the … Continue reading

My Husband’s kickstarter campaign (Lib-Ray) made it!

We are all ecstatic here because my husband’s kickstarter campaign to make a standard for open source videos has been successful. Lib-Ray Not only does this mean that we will eat to the end of the month, It also gives me time to do writing without having to look for a full-time job to support … Continue reading

Mother’s day barbeque

Butterfly passes. Her wing tips bright orange like the barbequeing coals.   My husband “fixed” the water by remembering that we had installed a bypass from the last time the water pipe broke. The stove however decided to conk out, but this was OK because along with water, I had bought things to barbeque with. … Continue reading

I wrote five good Haiku in less than an hour – Cool!

I was looking through my old writing folder when I found a page that I had written years ago. It had a list of images that I had associated with particular books. Here is an example: I remember Kafka and the man crawling up the wall as a cockroach. Collette, I remember the woman in … Continue reading