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My own creation! It is a thing of beauty. But I can do more.

Lunatics Teaser Trailer – Please reblog

Lunatics Teaser Trailer – Please reblog. The Lunatics series that I am writing with my husband will soon be ready for a kickstarter fundraiser campaign. Here is our teaser trailer which gives a glimpse of the Hard Science Fiction / Family angle that we are going for. You can support this project by reposting the … Continue reading

Songs Forgotten

Lost in a sea of self accusation, torture, despair, and self-flagelation, My past failures were all I could see, crushing my hopes and ruining me.   Out of the blue I found an old song, lost and forgotten from days gone long. when I played it I was taken away, To memories of a happier … Continue reading


Life tastes bittersweet, Like a sunflower that’s been touched by the fall frost.


In love with moonlight I rush into the darkness drinking in beauty.

Love’s sculptor

Love is a chisel, that in the hardest marble, can carve out a smile.