Empty House

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Empty House Script finished

I’ve just put up the conclusion for my script of the story of The Empty House. This is for the characters in the BBC series Sherlock and is based on the original Conan Doyle story. I actually called it Act1 because I wasn’t sure of the length. If you are wondering why I would be … Continue reading

Another page of my Sherlock script

So, I’ve put up the next to last page of my Sherlock script. Here is an excerpt: 25. EXT – LONDON STREET – DAY JOHN is walking down the street after exiting the tube. He passes an alley and hands reach out and pull him into the alley. It is the MAN who has been … Continue reading

Empty House page 4 up

My next installment in my empty house screenplay. Here is an excerpt : JOHN … So how are you getting on. It must have been difficult having to hide him in your apartment. I know that Sherlock is not the easiest of roommates. MOLLY Oh I didn’t mind. I’ve been pretty much on my own … Continue reading

Formatting is kicking my a**

I just put up page 3 of my Empty house screenplay, but I had to go over it and over it to make the text format in any way decently. This is really annoying! Well here is the link to page 3. Or you can start at the beginning. Exerpt: JOHN Well then. SHERLOCK Well … Continue reading

Exerpt from my screenplay – The Empty House ( The return of Sherlock Holmes)

Not being able to wait for Season 3 of Sherlock. I wrote my own Screenplay for the Opening. Sherlock – The Empty House pg 2 Here is an exerpt: 12. INT – JOHN WATSON’S APARTMENT – NIGHT JOHN WATSON sitting in front of television in the same chair. A container of take-out food sits on … Continue reading

Sherlock’s return – The empty house

The second season of BBC’s Sherlock ended with the Reichenbach Fall. The episode where Moriarty and Sherlock die. Or so it appears. In the original, Sherlock returns in the episode “The empty House”. But it took the BBC 18 months to go from Series 1 to Series 2 of Sherlock. And the third season of … Continue reading