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brushed by dreams

My mind brushed by dreams, Like willow branches floating, On the ponds surface.

Dreams Denied. BBC Sherlock and the lost Gay representation

I am a longtime fan of the BBC show Sherlock, and I’d like to tell you a story of a dream denied, an opportunity lost, and a generation abandoned. I know this sounds overly dramatic, but for many people, this is the way that it was. So please bear with me patiently, because as any … Continue reading

Sticks and stones will break my bones –or The fight for BLACK LIVES MATTER

My ancestors were the children of slaves. They grew up during a time of fear. They inherited a legacy of sayings and warnings about what you must and must not do if you were black. This was for their own protection, because people in the South, even as far West as Texas, could still get … Continue reading


Underneath my sheet The new day dawning above I chase away dreams.

Ox-drawn cart

From the ox-drawn cart of obligation, I spy my eagle of dreams.

Chain of dreams

Despite the sunrise, my thoughts are still tethered to the chain of my dreams.


Brilliant cameo    / Moon shining in dark grey sky   / Too bright for my dreams.

Dreams of young people 2

These are what high school students said they wanted if they had a perfect day where anything could happen. I wanna fly back home like superman after flying home, I wanna fly around the world and have all of superman’s power. I’d leave here and go back to Hawaii. Um be the chemistry teacher for … Continue reading

Dreams of young people

One of the great things about being a teacher is being around young people before they know themselves. Before they have settled on an image, had accomplishments and disappointments, been lost, been found, made themselves or settled down. I asked my students to tell me what they would wish to happen on their perfect day … Continue reading

My heart this morning

Blazing morning sun burns away the fog in me revealing frailty.