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They call them weeds

Yellow Sunflowers. Others call them weeds, and yet, They brighten my day.


I stare at the keys as the monitor heats up my troubled forehead.

Critical Crows

When they criticize, Don’t listen to their cawing, Because you are good!

Serial thoughts in Haiku form

When the darkness comes, sometimes I can’t remember, who I think I am. I have confidence, in who I am, but not in, who I want to be. I seek out others. I wish to find amusement, In their varied thoughts. But in the darkness, I see that the core of this, is simply my … Continue reading

Projects, writing, and disbelievers

So today someone asked me what I would be doing in the future. I told him that I would be writing and tried to explain open culture to him in a few minutes while in a school lunch room. He punched up something on his iphone and looked at me as if I was delusional. … Continue reading


Confidence lasts for about a day. It’s difficult to imagine things working out when you realize that the bread on the table is soon to run out. When you have responsibilities from work, and your day to day business keeps you from sleeping. So what, I had fun writing fan fiction… long ago. What good … Continue reading