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The morning blushes a hint of rose expanding on the horizon

The sky’s greeting

No longer lonely sharing the Earth’s morning sky The Sun and The Moon

Magnificent day

Swimming serenely on the surface of your eye clouds and a blue sky.


The day hangs heavy. Droplets in the muggy air weighing down my thoughts.

The airplane

Sailing in blue sky Waves of cloud trail around it Parting in its wake

Too late

Blue-rimmed horizon Scattering of moon-touched stars too late for the sun.


Looking at the screen, reflections of flying birds, draw my eyes upwards.


Blinded by the dew. Dazzling iridescent drops lit by the sun.


Layered curtains made of clear glass beads hide the city lights.    

Fall Light

The sun in late fall Sends sharp shafts through my window Setting dust aglow.