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Pictures on the wall of my young children smiling. Now they’ve grown so tall.


The world is chaos. I close my eyes and breathe in a moment of peace.

School kids on Halloween

Waiting in the dark horizon and bus are both jack-o-lantern orange

We have only hours left!

I have talked real actors into reading my script, and we will have a Readthrough of script by full cast. tomorrow. But my kickstarter campaign to pay them is going to fall through unless someone helps TODAY! Please help if you can.   http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2144275086/lunatics-pilot-episode-voice-drama-and-animatic?ref=users

No Children in Space (The story)

No Children in Space (The story). I’m starting my novelization of the screenplay, “No children in space.” Please give it a read. I enjoy comments. You can put them here. Criticism is also appreciated. Rosalyn Hunter   😀 I’m writing. Yeah!


The list stretches on “You will be expected to…” I breathe, then exhale.

Did you register?

Signing lots of forms. I’m fatigued before I start! A school year begins.

Yes this really happened

I’ll be a mother, on Mother’s day fixing the pipe my daughter broke.     Yes, last night my daughter “accidentally” broke the spigot off of the water pipe. Today we’ll skip all happy mother’s day plans and fix our plumbing. Perhaps this is the true meaning of mother’s day. 😉