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Fame – Benedict Cumberbatch interview link

So, I’ve been thinking about fame and sudden rises, and I have been reading about all of the people in Sherlock:  Moffat, Gatiss, Martin Freeman, and especially Benedict Cumberbatch who has become a phenomenon. I was thinking of this because I’m undergoing change. Not that I think that I’d become a sudden star or anything, … Continue reading

Too much Sherlock! – A haiku

Streaming videos, of Benedict Cumberbatch, No, I’m not obsessed!

Sherlock, fluff videos, and death.

In the last year or so, I lost my father, my sister, my grandmother in law, and two cats to death. It as been pretty sad. That and losing my job make for a world of depressing thoughts. The thing that has gotten me through these hard times has been fiction. Fictional characters take you … Continue reading

Fandom is strange – Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, etc.

So I like Sherlock BBC. I think that I’ve mentioned this before. And while searching through images of the show, I find the images of the actors. Now I know that actors bring roles to life, but I’m usually more a fan of the actor in the role rather than out of it, so I … Continue reading

More about Sherlock – BBC Sherlock is the new opium.

In my first post I talked about the Sherlock BBC series and why women love it. BBC Sherlock is the new opium.. Today someone asked me. “Tell me about it” So I’ll begin there. Sherlock is set in modern times in London. Although House is been a loose adaptation of the Sherlock character, and there … Continue reading

BBC Sherlock is the new opium.

Welcome to my blog. This is my first post on wordpress. I’m planning on writing about all kinds of things that interest me. The first topic I am going to talk about is the BBC series Sherlock. The reason is that it is really well written and acted, and I think that talking about it … Continue reading