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Rozzychan – 2012 in review

I think that it’s cool that WordPress makes this weird report with graphics and animated gifs. That’s good PR. I’m assuming that it doesn’t make it possible for others to login to my account’s site stats, but well, we will see. Despite the vast amount of poetry that I have written this year, the stats, … Continue reading

ELEMENTARY VS. SHERLOCK a critical review

There is no question. The detective of choice of the second decade of the twenty-first century is Sherlock Holmes. He has spawned a couple of successful movies as well as two television shows, BBC’s SHERLOCK and CBS’s ELEMENTARY. So what is the fascination of modern artists with this nineteenth-century detective? And what is my opinion … Continue reading

Hidden images in Sherlock 2 – Kiss Kiss

While rewatching Season 2 episode 1 of Sherlock – Scandal in Belgravia, I noticed something that I had not seen before. Besides a continuity error where Martin Freeman’s legs were crossed and then they were not, I noticed that Sherlock had a lipstick mark on his cheek. I think that we can all guess the … Continue reading

Why old people shouldn’t be embarrased to fawn over cute young stars

Still being able, to find others alluring, proves you are not dead.

Return to the Sherlock Identification Game

My great game part 3 was a little too hard, so I decided to add some clues. Clue 1: Image #7 This is what was happening 2 seconds before… Second clue is for image # 6This is the shot 3 seconds after … To find all posts follow the category heading on the right for … Continue reading

The Great Game – Part 3

Look at the picture and give the following information: 1. What season and episode is it from? 2. What is happening in this scene? 3. What clues helped you figure this out. Number 5 Number 6 Number 7 Number 8 Number 9 This is the image that I could not place. Can you?

The Great Game part 2

Lets see if you recognize these. Remember to tell: 1. What season and episode is it from? 2. What is happening in this scene? 3. What clues helped you figure this out. Number 3 Number 4

The great game – A diversion for hardcore Sherlock fans

Today, I was watching a Sherlock fan video and I looked at an image and said, “where the heck did that shot come from?” Having watched the shows so often, I usually remember which episode a shot comes from, but sometimes I get confused and it takes me a while to figure it out. Then … Continue reading

Why I want to hate Elementary on CBS

I am a SHERLOCK fan. If you haven’t noticed then you are not very observant. And the fact that I have started my post with an insult is evidence that I have been watching way too much Sherlock Holmes this year. Sherlock, if you don’t know, is a television show on BBC in the UK. … Continue reading

Sherlock BBC Haiku

SHERLOCK: Not as smart as I. But that’s hardly surprising. My friend John Watson. JOHN: A fantastic man. But brilliant as he is he’s an amazing ass. SHERLOCK: Loyal and steadfast, his friendship is the one thing, I can’t bear to lose. JOHN: He is my best friend. He gives meaning to my life. No … Continue reading