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sun and silver

Sun-lit grass glows green a forest crossed by silver shining spiderwebs.    

The Orionids

Falling star flies by like a spear it impales the heart of Orion

fleeting memories

Blown across the ground, Remnant of summer gone by, A butterfly wing.


In love with moonlight I rush into the darkness drinking in beauty.


Brilliant cameo    / Moon shining in dark grey sky   / Too bright for my dreams.

Dragonfly of the month – banded

One strange thing about my home is that we are in an area that has many dragonflies. In the last two years, I have noticed ones that were banded. Today I saw several dragonflies that look like this:   It makes me want to make a quilt with images of the kinds of insects and … Continue reading


The crescent moon sprays / glowing embers that glimmer / in a velvet sky

Beauty in adversity

Because of a fall, I found myself nose to nose with pure lilac blooms.

Five Seconds

Like crystal sweet and clear, like icy dew, the water shining in the corner of your eye. Radiant your smile, bright like the midday rays. Like Helium fills a balloon, you fill my thoughts even to the edges. Helium that burns in stars, that burst as supernovas, burning away planets until only cinders remain. Beautiful … Continue reading

May Day

Lying in the grass. Clouds braiding in the blue sky. Another May Day.