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We have only hours left!

I have talked real actors into reading my script, and we will have a Readthrough of script by full cast. tomorrow. But my kickstarter campaign to pay them is going to fall through unless someone helps TODAY! Please help if you can.   http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2144275086/lunatics-pilot-episode-voice-drama-and-animatic?ref=users


The list stretches on “You will be expected to…” I breathe, then exhale.

Blocking Animatic of Trailer

Blocking Animatic of Trailer. Members of our voice cast contributed voices for this trailer that we are producing. The animation crew made the set and this is the camera blocking rough. Please take a look and share it.   For me.   Rozzychan

I’ve got hope! Lunatic web series pilot kickstart begins

WOW, what a day, and night. I just launched my largest kickstarter campaign yet! You see, the economy is weird, and people say that their isn’t a way to get a fair break in this world, and that writers will never be paid for their work. I want to prove them wrong. I had an … Continue reading

Making my own fun – Lunatics Voices Cast

Last year my husband and I decided to stop waiting and start doing, and the story about a few wacky Space enthusiasts that I had been tossing around since 2005 became our animated kickstarter-funded project LUNATICS. So I’d like to announce a major milestone. We have cast actors to do the voices to illustrate the … Continue reading

My Science manifesto

Here’s another one from the archives. While searching my hard drive, I found something I wrote some time ago titled Science Manifesto . Now normally I don’t use words like manifesto which is a public declaration of intentions or beliefs unless I’m pretty worked up about something so I read it and thought that it … Continue reading

An Ending

A time of ending. A door closes click as I brush away a tear.

Cleaning Lockers

Cleaning out lockers full of the years detritus lightens the spirit.

Dreams of young people 2

These are what high school students said they wanted if they had a perfect day where anything could happen. I wanna fly back home like superman after flying home, I wanna fly around the world and have all of superman’s power. I’d leave here and go back to Hawaii. Um be the chemistry teacher for … Continue reading

Dreams of young people

One of the great things about being a teacher is being around young people before they know themselves. Before they have settled on an image, had accomplishments and disappointments, been lost, been found, made themselves or settled down. I asked my students to tell me what they would wish to happen on their perfect day … Continue reading