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The American Status Quo, or What we all know

In America people are taught to be ashamed of being poor. Poverty is a moral failing. We are paraded with images of people who rose from nothing to achieve great things and asked why we haven’t done the same. The poor did not pull themselves out of poverty through their own labor. That means they never even tried. The poor deserve to be poor.

Poverty in America is a crime, and the poor expect to be imprisoned. They expect to be suspected of wrongdoing just for standing in the wrong place. We are told stories of those who were shot and killed for walking into the wrong store on down the wrong street. And it is as it should be, because seeing someone poor on a street corner makes you feel uncomfortable. It makes you feel bad when you roll up your window and look away. It is perfectly legal to kill a person who walks onto your property. You need only say that they made you afraid to get away with murder.

The poor are expected to die young. They are expected to be fat and lonely with bad teeth. They are given license to drink themselves to death on cheap whisky as long as they do it out of the sight of those who have more of everything.

The middle classes of America are expected to work. It is shameful not to work at any job rather than at none. A man in the United States who does not work should die. Death is preferable to being a freeloader.

A woman in the United States is worth less than a man. Everyone knows it, but no one will say it out loud. Work traditionally done by women is always paid less, cooking, cleaning, caring for children. It is almost not worth paying for at all, unless a man does it. Then it deserves a different name so we can pay it more. A woman is a low paid cook, but a man is a chef who deserves his own television show. A man who teaches young children had better try to become an administrator or he will be accused of liking children in a totally inappropriate way.

The middle classes must send their children to college. If they do not, they are bad, evil, neglectful parents. They must go into debt to do so, or better yet have their children go into debt so they will be forced to work their whole lives. Working one’s self to death is an honorable thing in the middle class. It spares one from ever having to retire because those who retire and live long lives without working only make the workers feel bad. They are a burden on their children and are put away in homes until they can decently die and leave us to continue working.

The upper middle class in America are expected to like things. Like champagne breakfasts in Dubai on their birthday, expensive watches and expensive cars. For them, it is a crime to be fat, so they starve themselves and hire nutritionists to make them stay thin, because the only crime worse than being poor is looking that way.

The upper middle class are expected to want to be wealthy, and they will achieve wealth either from leaching off of the rich, or by stealing from the poor, but stealing from the poor is the most honorable way, because stealing from the poor and middle class is how all great American fortunes were made.

Finance is one way to steal from the middle class. Investing in banks that finance their houses and children’s educations. Selling them dreams of comfort and success so the bankers bank accounts will grow, while middle class accounts shrink. It is a clever way to steal. It’s charity really, allowing those less fortunate to buy what they can’t afford. The upper middle class can be proud of their accomplishments because they are better than anyone poorer than them, and they can prove it simply by showing you their financial net worth.

The wealthy are expected to be unseen. They live in penthouses and on vast estates. Mix with others in exclusive schools and on exclusive resorts. They don’t ever work because they let their money work for them. They hire others to manage the money for them creating corporations with the rights of people and the morals of sadists to squeeze wealth from the vast majority of people that can be used to build a house on a private island, or to buy another private jet.

But the secret of the rich is their fear. They fear that one day the poor will rise up to overthrow them. That they will want their houses and their money. So they hide away from their dark thoughts by hosting glittering private parties, for the worst crime is to be too public with your consumption. Advertising your wealth to the poor and seeking public approval is not only crass, it is dangerous. To combat it, messages must be sent to schools and advertisers to preserve the status quo. Change of any sort is seen as radical and sinful even. It leads to liberal thoughts like redistribution of wealth.

The rags to riches story has been planted in the minds of the poor to keep them in their place. As long as they can dream of being rich, then they want the rich to exist. So we have the lottery to give people the illusion of caste change although no one who won the lottery ever became rich.

Charity balls are meant to make the rich feel good about themselves while asserting their right to be rich. Because vast wealth is their birthright, and they deserve to spend the same amount of money on their smallest whim as it would take to pay off every student loan, and feed every hungry child in America.

Not only do the rich deserve the right to spend money frivolously, but they should do it, because the poor deserve to be poor. Poverty is a crime. That’s why we need more prisons, and why not make a buck or two while running them? It makes a good thing out of an bad thing by allowing someone rich to earn some money. Because the accumulation of capital is always worth pursuing. And a rich person in America never goes to jail.

We all work together to protect the status quo. And nothing you do will ever change any of it as long as you continue to believe that the poor deserve to be poor. If you do, you will always be part of the problem.

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