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Forget Identity, Remember Humanity

Everyone is quick to tell you exactly who they are. The world is awash with expressions of IDENTITY. People everywhere are holding signs declaring that they are Black or White, Women or Men, Gay or Straight, Republican or Democrat. We put ourselves in little boxes and object to anyone who is not like ourselves.

We live in a world of allies and enemies. We honor loyalty to our side above all things. And yet…No person is completely defined by their identity. No woman only has “womanly” traits. Being African American doesn’t mean that you can’t like Asian foods. Identity is only one part of ourselves.

Overidentifying with ones identity can lead to a person of one nation killing a person of another nation simply to show which of the two nations is best. Is this really what we want? So I ask you, if only for a day, forget your identity! Forget that you are White or Black or Asian. Forget that you are Texan or European or English. Forget that you are Male of Female or Intersexual. Think instead that you are human, and look at others as if they are also human.

A human doesn’t kill another human because of what flag they are holding, or because of what political party they are a part of. A human looks at another human and sees someone like themselves. When people get together, they can do great things, so for today, please forget your identity and remember your humanity and see if that makes the world a better place.


Thank You

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