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The Holmsies Awards

One of the interesting things about fanfiction is that lots of people write it: men, women, young and old. Fanfiction is plentiful and of inconsistent quality. Because many pieces of fanfiction are poorly written, some people believe that this is true of all fanfiction and won’t read any of it, which is a shame, because some of the writing in fanfiction is top notch.

Fan Fiction is a plentiful source of beautiful and insightful stories for free on the internet, and many people will never ever read them. What a pity.

In an effort to separate the grain from the chaff, so to speak, Sherlock BBC fic recs and FYteenlock have started the first ever HOLMSIES awards. To honor the best in SHERLOCK and SHERLOCK HOLMES fan fiction.

Nominations were requested from the Sherlock fandom on tumbr, and the nominees have been announced. The winners will be elected by open ballot, and you can vote until SEPTEMBER 1 which means that you had better start reading now, because there are 112 stories in 25 separate categories.

The awards suffer from the fact that the readership of these sites is limited, and they tend to favor works from people in their favored subcategories (For example, most stories feature male/male romance plots or subplots and explicit themes. You have been warned!). I have been reading as many of these fics as I can get my hands on, and I have to say that they aren’t all gems. Even so, many of these works are really, really good and well worth your time.

If you like to read Sherlock Holmes or Sherlock fanfiction, then I strongly encourage you to go to the site and vote for which ones you think are best.

For my own ease, I made a listing of the stories alphabetically by author. The original site has them listed by subject. If you are confused by the terminology (such as the definition of  AU or Omega) then I suggest that you try searching for the terms at the fanlore site.

Anyway, Happy Reading folks, and thanks for having an open mind.


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