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Data and the Sherlock Fandom

So this morning I listened to a podcast made by diehard fans of the TV series Sherlock (BBC) (Three Patch Problem) and they mentioned a person who did a study of the subjects of fanfiction stories on the site Archive of Our Own.

I had always been curious about the topic and had briefly considered doing a bit of research myself, but shrugged it off as it would take too long to do, so I was excited to find CHARTS!

If you ever wondered things like, “How much fan fiction is porn?” and “What are the top couples in the xxx fandom”, then you may be interested, but it is mostly comparing the Sherlock fandom to other ones.

For example, In Sherlock most stories are about the main two characters: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in a romantic relationship even though they are both male, however in Elementary where Holmes is Male and Watson is female most of the stories are GEN or non-romantic.

If you are curious about the Sherlock Fandom, and like cook charts, then try destination toast’s blog. It’s awesome.


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