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Listening to the old lady in me

Statistically, the people who live the longest are women. So out there are a cadre of old ladies who live well enough to just keep on living.


When I hear of such women, they always seem to have their rituals. They get up at a certain time, do their chores, eat certain foods, do comforting things.


It’s not that they sit around doing nothing. They keep busy, they take care of themselves.

And after another week where I end up strung out from bad food, not enough sleep and stress, I realize that it’s time to start getting in touch with the old lady in me.

I need to sit back and be a little less other motivated and work on maintaining myself and my environment. Making my home into a comfortable place that I would be happy to live in for years. Making sure that I can survive to be the old biddy who will tell others the rules to living a good life.

If I’m going to live to be 100, I better start living better today.

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