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a flash of yellow

Brown sunflower heart          / outlined by darkening sky      / one petal remains  


Cloudless sky a rainbow pink pinned by the morning star    

Writing, character, and flow

My last post was a short piece that I did as an exercise in character. I spent the last two days reading Sherlock fan fiction some of which was very good, but I would notice that the author occasionally would have the characters say or do things that were not in character. I talked to … Continue reading

A study in character – Anabelle

“She had a body made for love.” That’s what he had told her. Anabelle wondered if it were true that people could be made for things. She lay on her side on the bed with only a thin sheet covering the curve of her hip and wondered. Did beauty condemn a woman to be always … Continue reading

Eleven eighty three

Gentle southern breeze blowing cotton clouds to shade my midsummer dreams

Your voice

The molten caress of your vowels roll over my thoughts until there is no understanding. No world outside the sound of your voice.


My red tomato splatters in a spray of seeds on the kitchen floor


The end of the world Mayan calendar ending just buy a new one


Wrapped around my heart, like a blanket that warms me. even though you’re gone.

Splashing against the keyboard

Falling down like tears, these thoughts that I am writing, I can’t hold them back.