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Writing, character, and flow

My last post was a short piece that I did as an exercise in character. I spent the last two days reading Sherlock fan fiction some of which was very good, but I would notice that the author occasionally would have the characters say or do things that were not in character. I talked to my husband about it, and he told me that maybe I think it’s odd because I was always good at making up characters. He said that for many people making a believable character is extremely hard.

Now I know that I like character very much. Of the elements of fiction, character and plot are my favorite. But I never really took time to analyze myself, to see if this was really something that I was that strong at, so I set myself to make a character right then that could be understandable and sympathetic, and that was Anabelle.

My experience writing her was surreal. It was so late that it was early, and indeed by the time the story was ready the dawn had come. I experienced flow such that as soon as I had finished one sentence, the next one was ready for me to write. Afterwards, I read the story, fixed spelling errors, checked vocabulary, shortened unwieldy sentences and posted the story. I was sure that no one world read it, or that if they did, they wouldn’t like it, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had some likes. I put it away, a good experiment sorted.

But today as I prepared to take my daughter to a doctor’s appointment, I was wondering. Did Anabelle ever find the courage to leave, or did she chicken out? And I wondered who, if anyone, would take her in? That is to say, I couldn’t keep the story out of my mind. The flow was still there.

So I pulled out a book that I keep around for just such a purpose, and began writing. This is very interesting to me, as this kind of extended flow has not really happened to me for years, decades really. I want to hold onto it, to cultivate it, so I’ve decided to post the chapters as they come to me in the tab marked My fiction above under the title Vignettes. I’m hoping that I will be able to learn to control the flow of writing. To make it into a ritual so that I can do it when I need to.

I’d like it if you could comment or at least just read them as they come along. It’s much easier to write when you know someone is waiting to read it. Thanks for you help and your likes. Part 2 will be here:

Meeting loneliness


– R 🙂


When I write with flow, Inspiration works, but problems crop up.

I don’t stop during the flow, so I have to analyze and revise after it’s written.

Help me out. Give me specific comments on the draft, and when I do the rewrite, I will make it better.

It’ll be fun. I promise to check my ego at the door. Come read it: VIGNETTES

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