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Why I want to hate Elementary on CBS

I am a SHERLOCK fan. If you haven’t noticed then you are not very observant. And the fact that I have started my post with an insult is evidence that I have been watching way too much Sherlock Holmes this year. Sherlock, if you don’t know, is a television show on BBC in the UK. … Continue reading

Dreams of young people 2

These are what high school students said they wanted if they had a perfect day where anything could happen. I wanna fly back home like superman after flying home, I wanna fly around the world and have all of superman’s power. I’d leave here and go back to Hawaii. Um be the chemistry teacher for … Continue reading

Viewing life – a poem

To view an eclipse, turn and look at the shadow. It’s the same with life.


Cutting through my thoughts, like rolling on plastic shards, useless trivia.

Dreams of young people

One of the great things about being a teacher is being around young people before they know themselves. Before they have settled on an image, had accomplishments and disappointments, been lost, been found, made themselves or settled down. I asked my students to tell me what they would wish to happen on their perfect day … Continue reading

Looking at the accent challenge

While surfing. If you want to know what I was looking at just refer to this poem. I found someone who had participated in the Tumblr accent challenge (also referred to as accent tag). I found it fascinating. People from all over the English Speaking world say words in their own accent. It is amazingly … Continue reading


I anticipate, summer and the end of school. It tastes bittersweet.


My life’s a painting, that my microscope can’t see since it’s a mural.


When I close my eyes, I still see the hollow sun bright, black-cored, empty.

Solar Eclipse 2012 Albequerque New Mexico

Annular eclipse. A thousand tiny ringlets, shine through my straw hat. During the eclipse the pinholes in my straw hat made tiny images of the sun. They started as tiny crescents and during the main part of the eclipse they formed rings. It was truly amazing!