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100th Post – Lunatics reading scripts – Do you know any voice actors?

This is my 100th post on WordPress.

I thought that I would take this time to celebrate finishing the reading scripts for my Lunatics project. My husband Terry and I have decided to start a project to produce an animated web series called Lunatics about the first colonists on the moon. I will write it, and Terry will produce it.

Our phase 1 fundraiser was successful and we commissioned amazing art from Daniel Fu.

Now we are about to do phase 2. My job was to write reading scripts for the voice actors to audition to. Well, I just finished uploading them.

Now Terry is trying to develop the thing we need to release lunatics in high definition. This is an open culture project, and BlueRay, the current high definition standard, requires copy protection so Terry is planning on developing a standard to release the video in. Please support us if you can. His kickstarter  page is here. Please help. We have only five days to raise a few thousand dollars or we lose it all! Thanks in advance.

So take a look at the reading scripts. They are under the Lunatics tab. Tell me if you like them. If you are wondering where to start.  My Emerson Art Now interview is fun. And if you are an actor, or if you know one, maybe you can audition. The press release will be going up soon on our main page Lunatics.TV so check there soon.

I’m just tickled pink to have this blog and to let all of you see my work. Welcome folks. Glad that you are here.  😀

Now Terry, give me the chocolate!

About rozzychan

Rosalyn Hunter is the principal writer on the series Lunatics. Please support us. http://lunatics.tv


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