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Dreams of young people

One of the great things about being a teacher is being around young people before they know themselves. Before they have settled on an image, had accomplishments and disappointments, been lost, been found, made themselves or settled down. I asked my students to tell me what they would wish to happen on their perfect day if anything could happen, and this is what they said.

If I could do anything for a day, I would be a singer.

Go to space with my boyfriend and have a romantic time just me and him. Nothing else.

Spend time with the guy I really ike, and drive all around the world and go to the “Dancing with the Stars” set.

I would like to be at the beach with my friends and family, then go shopping.

I want to be a Russian for a day.

I want for my ex-girl to be happy.

I ‘d destroy the police department and hang out with my girlfriend the WHOLE DAY!!!!

I’d want Bob Marley to ride up to my house with Chaz Ortiz in a limo, and go to the pier… with Bob Marley singing while me and Chaz were skating.

I would like to see my friend because I have not seen him in four years.

Hang out with B…or go kill myself. aha jkjk 😀 🙂 😛

I would go to California.

Jam with Vinnie Moore and play rock music in a room full of hot chicks feeding me beef jerky.

I would want to get everything I want.

See my girl.

I would like to go to Colorado and go snowboarding the whole day!

Eat hot cheetos with kool-aid for the whole day. Or marry Selena Gomez.

To see Berlin.

To go skydiving with Dr Phil.

I would like to have a quiet time, and free foods and drink in bed.

I would like to go to Italy and have free buffet or food, games, and soda.

I would go to the beaches in California to relax.

Play basketball all day every day.

Go to six flags all day.

Do math all day.

I would meet Amy Lee from Evanescence!

I would love the powers of water ( any?) tree.

I would turn the school into six flags.

To visit Michael Jackson.

Spend the whole day with my friend A. and have him break up with his girlfriend, and just party with him.

Steal a 2012 Camaro, and beef it up as much as possible and drive it as fast as possible down every road that has a police station.

I would like to have my piano back.

(to be continued)


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2 thoughts on “Dreams of young people

  1. And then you spend an hour or two wondering whether the suicide joke is really a joke or something you have to take action over…

    Posted by Terry Hancock | May 25, 2012, 2:21 am

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