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Fame – Benedict Cumberbatch interview link

So, I’ve been thinking about fame and sudden rises, and I have been reading about all of the people in Sherlock:  Moffat, Gatiss, Martin Freeman, and especially Benedict Cumberbatch who has become a phenomenon.

I was thinking of this because I’m undergoing change. Not that I think that I’d become a sudden star or anything, just that I wonder what you do when people start noticing you.

Well, I found a really good interview of Benedict Cumberbatch. It was recommended by the Cumberbatch Infobank which is a great site and I recommend it.

METRO Interview

I’m just awed that he’s been able to take the fame and not go all gaga or crazy. Of course, like all overnight successes he was ten years in the making. In his case literally.

You see, Moffat and Whedon, and Gatiss are big names now. They are celebrities themselves. I don’t think about writers as being celebrities. A writer sits in a little room alone. It’s a bit daunting to think that if fame came it would involve photo shoots, parties and socializing. I’m just not attractive enough for all that attention. I would be scared of the Time magazine photoshoot where they take you out into the desert and stuff.

Of course, what kind of arrogance/ambition is that? Going from what if someone notices me to the Time photoshoot.

My consolation is that the author is almost never as popular or as followed as the actor. Then again, suddenly I’m reminded of what a superstar J.K. Rowling is.

Ah well. All we can hope for is that if fame ever comes we will be ready for it. It’s not like we too haven’t been ten years in the making.

-R 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Fame – Benedict Cumberbatch interview link

  1. I still think that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch must have a soft spot for Sherlock.

    And, if one of them decided that he did not want to do Sherlock again, thousands of angry fans would pursue him relentlessly until he did.

    SEASON 3 is taking too long!

    Posted by rozzychan | December 8, 2012, 4:21 pm
  2. As we all know Martin Freeman is a well known, great, munchkin faced actor. We all love him and he did a great job playing in The Hobbit. He deserved that. But Benedict Cumberbatch is another story. He is like a top model with those sharp chick bones and everything, he is almost 9 feet (overdoing it) tall and everybody is amazed by his “talents” :)… I am not a fan of these people separately, I love them as a couple.

    Benedict did a great job in Star Trek, this is a big thing for his carreer. He usually does traditional British films with a story but Star Trek is a big production and it’s sci-fi. He also did Smaug the Dragon in Hobbit. I see your point and I’m wondering if they even want to do the Sherlock after all these accomplishments.

    Posted by beddyburc | December 8, 2012, 11:45 am

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